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Qin-xiang Xia BEng, MSc, PhD
Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Vice Director of Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology
Group leader of the Advanced Forming Technology and Computational Modeling
Deputy Director
of Institute of Manufacturing and Automation


1.Xia Qinxiang, Yuan Ning. Mold Design and Computer Applications, SCUT Press, Feb. 2008.


2.Xia Qinxiang. Stamping Forming Technology and Die Design (bilingual book), SCUT Press, Sep. 2005.

  3.Yan Xiaojun, Ruan Feng, Xia Qinxiang. Wrought Iron Manufacturing, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press, Jan. 2003 .


Research achievements:

Belt-pulley Spinning Machine XPD Horizontal CNC spinning machine
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HGPX-WSY Hydraulic Profiling Spinning Machine HGPX-LS Vertical Necking Spinning Machine
   >>more     >>more

HGPX-WSM multi-function Horizontal CNC spinning machine

Research & application on synchronous hydraulic bulging technology
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Multi-point blank pressing with a floating die to form the Asymmetric box-shaped parts

Spin forming and Deformation Mechanism of Non-circular Cross-section Hollow Parts

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Address:School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, South China University of Technology,
   Guangzhou, China   Zip:510640  Phone:(086)13902233118    FAX:(086)020-38743889     

Research Interses: Plastic forming theory, technology and equipment, CAD/CAE/ CAM, etc